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Duel Dan i Noc  
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Duel Baby Care
A new sensitive softener variant, DUEL Baby Care, represents the result of our efforts to offer the market something completely new, and of even better quality, in cooperation with the greatest world-renowned fragrance manufacturers. This is a top-quality product which is targeted at fulfilling the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Our  softener makes the fabric soft and gentle, without damaging the fibre or the colour. Highly efficient, and, at the same time, gentle enough to both your baby and your skin.
Klinicki testirano   Dermatologically tested, in laboratory conditions, DUEL Baby Care is proven not to irritate the skin. It refreshes and softens your baby’s clothes without irritating the sensitive baby skin.

IFRA   The gentle and long-lasting fragrance of our DUEL Baby Care softener is completely in accordance with the IFRA standard, it does not contain any potential allergens. This fact serves as an additional assurance and confirmation of the quality of the new product from our assortment of DUEL softeners.

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