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Duel Dan i Noc  
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Duel Đurđevak 0.5 l

Duel Đurđevak 1l

Duel Đurđevak 2l

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Duel Đurđevak Fabric Softener
Feel the touch of nature! Breathe in the NEW upgraded DUEL Đurđevak fragrance, from now on enriched with active natural ingredients! DUEL Đurđevak is a top-quality product that enriches the fabric by giving it a recognisable perfect softness and authentic scents. It is concentrated, makes ironing easier, neutralises static cling, while, at the same time, giving your laundry a pleasant and long-lasting smell. The top-quality of the product is accompanied by the modern design of the package with its attractive thermo-sleeve..
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