Sense of cleanliness!
Obeying the law and acknowledging the right of the customer to always have a quality and functional product at their hand are the priorities which distinguish “Beohemija” as a responsible member of wider social community in which it operates and to which it belongs.
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Environmental care is not just a hollow phrase to us; it implies rigorous treatment of waste water, completely biodegradable products and their absolute environmental friendliness. We have adopted ecological approach to work as our constant duty, which means managing waste water without any risk to environment and human health. Ecological approach to the protection of waters is based on the implementation of a large number of regulations prescribed by the Water Act. Waste waters are examined quarterly, in accredited laboratories exclusively, while, at the same time, different aspects of water quality are checked in our own laboratories. Additionally, our company takes part in various social activities and humanitarian projects, and this represents a very important aspect of our business commitment.