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Sense of cleanliness!

If we take into consideration a great number of finished products, an average number of components per product, as well as the multiple shift mode of work in the factory, it can be seen that quality control is one of the most significant links in manufacture and business. The development centre of the company opted for the “total quality” concept which implies the absolute quality of both raw materials and the final product.
The quality control process consists of the following three steps. First we examine input materials, then ensues the so-called production plant inspection during the manufacturing process, and after this, we examine the output product. Finally, there is a “super inspection” conducted by the Institute for General and Physical Chemistry in Belgrade, based on the random sampling method.

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Thus, we perform checks of raw materials, in-process and final products and packaging according to recognised international methods, as well as strict internal methods and standards. Our inspection methods are subject to periodical revisions and conform to the quality standards dictated by national legislation, European Union regulations and its authorised institutions.

All of this is enabled by a modern laboratory equipped by top-quality laboratory furniture, measuring instruments and devices from world leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment.