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Duel Dan i Noc  
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Duel Pink Explosion
A new generation of DUEL softeners is created in cooperation with greatest world-renowned fragrance manufacturers, with the aim of offering our consumers something new, unique and of even better quality. The new DUEL PINK EXPLOSION is a one-of-a-kind product, distinguished by its UNIQUE COTTON CARE FORMULA which additionally  protects your clothes.

Now more than a softener, the perfect formula of our new DUEL softeners:

1. makes the fabric soft and gentle
2. has a perfect, long-lasting fragrance,
3. and, with the addition of natural cotton extract, which additionally emolliates and nourishes the fabric, it makes your clothes look like NEW even after a longer time!
Unique cotton formulaprotects your clothes. Cotton extract additionally nourishes and softens the fabric. Your clothes will look like NEW even after a longer time.
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