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Sense of cleanliness!
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Improvement of manufacture, top-quality raw materials, technological innovations of our development team have resulted in superior products. All this has placed our company at the very top of national and regional marketplace with realistic ambition to expand the market. Top-quality and the success of our brands have also commended "Beohemija Inhem" as a reliable manufacturer of private labels.
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Business expansion has given impressive results in the field of exportation which also comprises a share of 25 to 30 percent in the total sales, and is on the steady increase. We export to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and the Republic of Macedonia; and we have recently emerged on the Slovenian market, as well. After signing the contract with our Greek partners, we obtained the European Community “ADIA COD” certificate – at the Central Registry in Brussels, which enables us to export “Duel” detergent to all European Union countries.