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Duel Dan i Noc  
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Duel Liquid Starch 0.5 l
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Duel Liquid Starch
If you are looking for something additional and special for your laundry, that is, without any doubt, our Duel Liquid Starch.
It will captivate you with its extraordinary effects:

-Greater firmness of the fabric
-More whiteness
-Easier stain removal from fabrics since the film that is formed prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric
-Easier ironing
-Refreshes the fabric

The scent that you smell can be condensed into two words: powerfully clean. A natural product (starch). Attractive and modern pack: Bottle has a dosage cap, which makes handling and usage of the product easier. Thermo-sleeve label Attractive design Ecologically friendly product: Highly biodegradable product
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