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Spin All in 1 Machine Dishwashing tablets
The superior quality of Spin All in 1 machine dishwashing tablets, the attractive design and an affordable price of the product are intended for housewives who demand value for money.
A Multifunctional Spin All in 1 machine dishwashing tablet implies 10 different functions:
Removes stubborn stains and residue
Contains salt and rinsing agent
Efficiently removes grease
Removes tea stains
Leaves dishes perfectly shiny
Protects your machine from limescale
Protects from the corrosion of glass surfaces
Protects metal cutlery
Contains cleaning intensifier for extra-powerful cleaning
Exceptional efficiency at low temperatures
3 LAYERS IN ONE TABLET, each of which plays a special role, while together, under the joint action, they yield brilliant results in machine dishwashing.

White layer: Contains active components which enable impeccable dishwashing.
Yellow layer: Contributes to the rinsing leading to the final sheen. Yields the effect of perfect washing at low temperatures.
Green layer: Represents an additional and powerful washing intensifier.
MODERN PACKAGE AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGN on the foil label are unique in the market and represent something completely new and different in the category of machine dishwashing tablets
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