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Sense of cleanliness!

Our factory features state-of-the-art equipment which enables us to maintain our position at the very top of our field; our manufacture is based on modern Japanese-Dutch technology, which allows us to respond to most diverse and most demanding tasks.
Manufacturing process is automated and it is supervised from the control room from which every phase of the production process is computer-controlled.
Modern detergents consist of over 20 components which are added at strictly determined percentage, homogeneously distributed, all of which requires the most up-to-date dosage system.

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Pozicija na trzistu
“Beohemija Inhem” possesses such system, as well as component blending techniques further improved by up-to-date solutions, which represents a guarantee of the top-quality of our products. Installed capacity of “Beohemija” plant comprises 75,000 tonnes of powder detergents and 55,000,000 litres of liquid products annually. This empowers us to launch about 140 products from the line of home care, general and personal hygiene to both domestic and regional markets.