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Spin Glass Cleaners
SPIN Glass Cleaner – a powerful formula for impeccably clean glass surfaces implies:
- Anti-soiling (forms a protective layer, slowing down the settling of impurities and preventing surface soiling)
- Anti-fogging (prevents misting on glass surfaces)
-Anti-streaks – (streak-free)
Visible Shine (superior power of dirt emulsification leaves the glass surface spotlessly clean and glistening)

DISTINCTIVE FRAGRANCES – Offers an entirely different fragrance experience in the cleaning of glass surfaces
ALCOHOL CONTENT – enables efficient and easy stain-removal, easy dispersion and easy drying.
MODERN PACK AND ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING DESIGN – a stable, modernly designed spray bottle with a thermo-sleeve label, and with attractive and distinctive design.ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT – a highly biodegradable product, owing to meticulously selected ingredients.
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