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Duel Carpet & Mebl Cleaner
Duel Carpet & Mebl Cleaner is a concentrated shampoo for hand-washing of carpets. It can also be used for cleaning textile flooring, upholstery and furnishing fabric.
It richly foams when dissolved in water. By rubbing it into the carpet, surface active agents bind soil particles together, break electrostatic connections between dirt and carpet fibers, thus enabling their easy and efficient removal. It contains dissolver which reinforces the effect of cleaning and helps drying of the surface after shampooing. After drying, the surplus foam is removed by vacuum-cleaning or brushing. No rinsing is necessary.
The cleansing is accomplished without wetting the floor.
Long-lasting freshness

Tepihper+Meblper cleanses thoroughly. It protects and revives the colours of your carpet or upholstery, slows down soiling and does not leave sticky residues. It eliminates unpleasant and unwanted odours. It controls the occurrence of house-dust mites which can cause various allergic reactions. Its fragrance is carefully devised and is associated with the freshness of perfectly clean laundry, which is one of the characteristics inherent in DUEL.

-Clean and fresh floral notes perfectly combined with warm shades of wood and fresh fruit create the sense of long-lasting freshness and cleanness
Attractive and modern packaging design:
- A bottle with a dosing cap, which enables easier handling and usage of the product.
- Thermo-sleeve labelAttractive design
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