Simply clean!

What we use to wash our laundry matters a great deal. It matters because of the fabric itself, the washing-machine, and, what is most important, because of our health. For, it is useless if a detergent effectively removes dirt stains, while, on the other hand, shortening the life of a piece of clothing, or leaving it irritating to the skin.

A close attention has been paid by experts from "Beohemija Inhem” to all of the above-mentioned when developing new lines of products; this resulted in the fact that the performance of our detergents, softeners and bleaches is maximum, as is the fulfilment of highest standards regarding health safety. With a “Duel" in your home, you get all that is necessary for a complete and efficient laundry care.

We make a selection of active ingredients that successfully remove all kinds of stains and dirt, thus ensuring that laundry treated with our detergents is always a bit whiter, cleaner and sweeter smelling. The effect of deep cleaning is produced, while a special ingredient covering fabric fibres eases ironing.
They also act as water softeners, thus enabling bleaches to restore whiteness and shine on the fabrics, and, at the same time, repelling the degraded dirt from the fabric.
Our detergents and softeners are, simultaneously, the perfect response to the challenge of being practical, simple and cost-effective.

ogledalo kuce
Let your laundry be distinguished