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Pompa Anti-limescale
Pompa Anti-limescale removes water deposit, rust stains, soap scum, and other types of dirt. It is suitable for taps, showers, shower cubicles, kitchen sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, flooring and wall tiles and worktops covered with limescale and other household grime.
Specific features of Pompa Anti-limescale include application to stainless steel, ceramics, flooring and wall tiles, glass and surfaces made from plastic.

Owing to the high quality of Pompa Anti-limescale, the process of limescale removal is no longer time-consuming; all you need to do is spray the liquid on the surface, wait one minute, and then wipe away and rinse with water.

The ergonomic design of the bottle, together with its functional pump (a tiny net on top of the nozzle helps to produce the foam that clings on to the surface for a longer time, thus, producing a more powerful effect), additionally make things easier.

Its modern design is what makes Pompa Anti-limescale outstanding; therefore, we are sure it will stand out among other products on the shelves.

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